Top Websites for Earning Bitcoins


In this blog, I try show you where to earn fast, free and more amount of bitcoins.

We know, “Hard work should get good results” of course I agree with this. But there is another say is “Smart work is better than hard work” you agree with this? I clearly explained about where to earn bitcoins in smartest way.

What are you looking for, let’s go through the content, choose your way to earn BTC.



FreeBitcoin-earn-free-bitcoins is the best faucet site, I ever used to earn bitcoin. We can get around 450 to 600 Satoshi per claim (free roll) it takes just 10 seconds. You can claim every hour.

I think that every bitcoin earners have their account in this site, because its reputations.


You can see the lottery section in this, for every free rolls you can get 2 free lottery ticket. If you are very lucky you can get massive amount of bitcoins.


See, the pic below that show you the overall winners that they are earned so far……………



Points to Note:

  • It takes 10 sec / claim.
  • Minimum withdraw amount is 10K Satoshi
  • Sharply, every weekend they pay-out to their users.




Satoshi quiz is the best site to knowledgeable people for earning bitcoins. For every minute they feed one general or other specific question, for each correct answer you can get 500 Satoshi. You can also give answer by search in Google.

Questions are like the following pic, sometimes easy and sometimes tough question may asked….


They also give rewards for more correct answers,

10,000 Satoshi reward for – Who gave the more correct answers (150) for that day.

50,000 Satoshi reward for – Who gave more correct answers in that week.

1,00,000 Satoshi reward for – Who gave more correct answers in that Month.


#3 Claim BTC

Claim BTC is also the bitcoin faucet, you can earn some amount of bitcoin here. Their primary motto is “No claim No Gain”. Per day you can earn thousands of Satoshi based on your claim. They can also give some bonus offers to claim more BTC as you can see in the following pic……..




mx33B17 is the paid to click (PTC) site, they can give 100 – 500 Satoshi for your each clicks. Here jackpots also available, it is a surprise gift during surfing you may have chance to get this jackpot. It is in fifth place for its user friendly.




Swag Bucks – For paypal Cash.

Coinbrawl – This is the gaming site, you earn BTC for fight and defeat the users in this site.

Keep in MIND:

  • Don’t ever trust any new cloud mining site… bcoz they can easily scam you…

  • Don’t invest in unknown site for more profit… For more profit don’t waste your valuable earnings…. Just hold your Bitcoin in your wallet. when the BTC value raises simply sell it for good profit.

  • According to faucets, u get little BTC by your own. Try to get more referrals.

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Happy Earning Friends $$$

Try to add any reliable site… if i found it.